A Constitutional Impasse: What’s Next for Catalonia and Spain?

Legality and legitimacy

To many, the question of Catalonia’s Oct. 1 referendum boils down to arguments of legality and legitimacy.

Spain’s fascist resurgence

A weekend after the vote, thousands gathered across Spain to protest Catalonian independence. Some were pictured from pro-Franco parties giving Nazi salutes, even though Spain prides itself as not having seen a similar surge in far-right populism as other European countries in recent years.

A revived democracy movement in Spain

On the streets and squares, a network of Spanish activists has returned under slogans like “Let’s talk,” written in both Spanish and Catalan as #HablamosParlem. As of Wednesday, 19 people had made a camp, returning to Plaza del Sol in Madrid where, in 2011, hundreds of thousands camped in the 15M democracy movement, which helped spark the global Occupy movement.



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Steve Rushton

Steve Rushton

Freelance journalist focused on political alternatives, universal rights and ecological survival