Dirty Tory Money Compounds British Government Fraud Crisis

What is #DirtyToryMoney About?

Documents seen by Occupy.com show that in November 2008, HSBC loaned £214 million to the private equity firm IPGL. That company, along with Spencer’s other array of firms, hit financial problems during the financial crash. At the time, Spencer was Treasurer of the Conservative Party, and he remains a key donor and leading fundraiser.

How Deep is the British Government in HSBC’s Pocket?

Circumstantial occasions when HSBC money may have bought influence are abundant. The three headlines below are far from isolated:

Heads Must Roll

It is essential to recognize that the pivotal player in this story is Michael Spencer, one of the rare senior Tories who has not been made a lord. Consider the levels of favor he has bought by donating to and fundraising for the government. As Occupy.com reported last month, further claims have showed that the British state was complicit in LIBOR rigging and that Spencer’s firm ICAP was a “lynchpin” in the biggest ever rigging scandal.



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Steve Rushton

Steve Rushton

Freelance journalist focused on political alternatives, universal rights and ecological survival