Stopping Europe’s Authoritarian Slide Has As Much to Do With Spain As Poland

E.U. Hypocrisy

Lawyers acting for the Catalan political prisoners being held by Spain have began proceedings at the United Nations opposing their arbitrary detention. But, as has reported, despite growing solidarity for the democratic Catalan independence movement, E.U. elites continue to view the crisis as an “internal matter.” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, for example, opposes Catalan independence because he says the split would make the whole E.U. community ungovernable.

From Economic to Democratic Crisis

The E.U. looks fragile. Economically, the systemic problems that caused the financial crisis remain unsolved. Instead, they are exacerbated by the states in the Union. For instance, Spain, like many countries, bailed out its failing private banks with public money, spending more than €50 billion in the process.

How Financial Instability Fueled the Fascist Resurgence

For years, far-right parties have been rising in the polls, including in big nations like France and Germany. They now hold or share power in Austria, Poland, Finland and Hungary. In the U.S., too, a far-right demagogue sits in the Oval Office.

Spain’s Far-right Should Not be Ignored

Spain is in a unique position. Catalonia aside, it is in worse economic shape than when millions first occupied the squares in the 15M square movement of 2011. Adding to inequality and poverty, corruption is clearer each year.



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Steve Rushton

Steve Rushton

Freelance journalist focused on political alternatives, universal rights and ecological survival